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It is not always that a person needs to take medication such as tablets for pain relief
(painkillers) when they experience acute pain, such as headaches, joint pains etc. There is
alternative treatment available for chronic pain relief and the population needs to be aware
of this, as too much intake of tablets can also be detrimental to the health. One has to be
aware of the side effects and other issues that are attached to alternative treatment.

There are many options one can turn to and we discuss these commonly used options below.


At one time acupuncture was not looked at favorably. However, today it is becoming a
popular form of alternative treatment for chronic pain. Studies conducted have come up
with the fact that acupuncture works incredibly well for many illnesses, such as
fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, spine injuries and even sports injuries .

Up to date noone is quite sure how it works and at times it might give relief and at times not.

But the best think is that it is not injurious to the health or body.

Marijuana (Medicinal)

Medicinal Marijuana is considered a controversial product, but it also has medical
properties and can bring about relief to some chronic pains. Evidence has proved that
marijuana has a reasonable effect on relieving chronic pain.

Marijuana relieves pain

experienced by HIV patients and those undergoing chemotherapy. There are however,
risks involved in its use, such as addiction to the use of it and the dangers of it is that there can be misuse of it due to addiction.


Exercise in any form is not detrimental to the health, but it does bring relief to humans.
Walking is good, but regular physical activity, does bring relief to chronic pains. For
example, if you are a patient suffering from arthritis, then regular exercise involving the
limbs will indeed bring relief.

However, note that you need to check with your family
physician before venturing into exercising.
Another form of pain relief for those suffering from arthritis is the sandbag exercise.

This is where sandbags of 500g and 1 kilo and even more are prepared and the patient keeps the sandbags on the joint and slowly raised the legs or hands. This brings about immense relief from pain associated with arthritis.


Some may not wish to employ therapy, for the simple fact that their pain may be thought
not to be real. But often it is seen that depression and chronic pain are always mingled
together. Depression can bring about a low lenience for chronic pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy can bring about immense relief.

Supplements and Vitamins

Evidence has been forthcoming and certain dietary supplements and vitamins can bring
relief to chronic pain. It is seen that Omega-3 can bring about relief in chronic pain,
especially in the joints and is used for patients who suffer from arthritis.

However when it refers to supplements one needs to be careful as there may be risks involved.

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