How to Help Control Anxiety Using CBD Oil

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How to Control Anxiety Using CBD Oil

People are still having a rough time accepting the fact that the cannabis plant has such a wide range of medical use. But all the current scientific studies are showing with each passing day that this miraculous plant indeed holds the key, The key to so many issues experienced by the modern man.

One of the things being heavily researched in recent years is the effect of cannabis oil on anxiety and other related disorders. This compound is showing fabulous potential for anxiety treatment, but before we go into depth on how cbd works its magic against it, we should touch upon what anxiety really is, and why is it such causing problems for so many people around the world.

While it’s impossible to completely bypass the negative feelings of stress and anxiousness, because life simply isn’t designed to be stress-free, we can say that it’s an utterly  normal occurrence to feel this type of way from time to time.

Everyone has to deal with it, no matter if we’re in elementary school, in college, or adults with jobs. There is always something that will make us feel troubled, worried and anxious.

Anxiety creeps into our lives and before we know it
You know that pressure in our chest, our heart rate starts to increase and it can become a full-fledged panic attack.  It can be the scariest time for someone who has never had one before. But for people that have them as a regular occurrence can feel just as scared at the onset.

The real problem occurs when stress becomes too frequent, and our minds don’t have enough time to recuperate for it. This is where some people start developing anxiety disorders. Our biggest issue about these disorders is that they dictate how we feel almost constantly. This can be extremely detrimental for the well being and proper functioning of a healthy individual.

We live in a world where stress is so prevalent and has become common-place.  I believe the pressure of social media also contributes to the high number of people that experience anxiety.  Teens and adults alike experience anxiety reading the comments of other people.  We live in a very reactive society and it is so easy to bully on social media and we don’t stop to understand the consequences of our words and actions.  There is so much pressure to have the perfect family. The perfect job, look perfect and this all contributes to negative emotions and anxiety.  Constant worrying, fear and pretty much all negative emotions and feelings are present way too repeatedly.

Anxiety and other related disorders can be very serious for overall health, both mental and physical. Besides the negative feelings in common situations that would usually be deemed as normal and untroubling.  Physical symptoms can include the suppression of the immune system, issues with digestion.  Tension of the muscles, memory problems and cardiovascular issues.  I know from personal experience that anxiety can be debilitating.  You live in constant fear and start to withdraw from society and the people that love you the most.  We start to live in our head and believe everything we see through TV ads and social media.  We start to think we are not worthy and don’t deserve happiness.

After longer period of time if the anxiety is left completely untreated, it can even lead to clinical depression and suicidal tendencies.

Different types of anxiety disorders include social anxiety (or social phobia). This is where the person dreads the contact with others (usually unknown people).  Mostly fearing ridicule, judgement, hatred and rejection. This is a very common type of anxiety, and is frequently left untreated for very long periods of time.

Panic disorders are the second type, where the person experiences severe physical reactions to stress, which include sweating, faster pulse and chest pains. Studies showed that panic disorders are more likely to happen to the fairer sex, and around 6 million people have this disorder in US alone.

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress disorder are also sometimes included as anxiety disorders.  People who suffer from OCD and PTSD usually experience both depression and anxiety at the same time.

Because the insanely fast pace of modern life has most of us running round in circles, we usually don’t feel like we have the time to address these negative issues.  But figuring out that you might have a problem is definitely the first step for conquering anxiety. Self-care is more important today than ever before.  Life moves so fast these days and the expectations that we put on our self and others can accumulate to be too much.

A recurring theme in the testimonies of people who’ve started using CBD as an anti-anxiety medication reported that they didn’t have a clue they can feel so good. Which comes to show that the majority of us have troubles accepting that fact that we require help, or that it’s even possible to feel any better. I was so surprised at how much calmer I felt and more in control of my feelings and emotions.

Using CBD is completely safe

Using CBD is completely safe and 100% natural, which cannot be said for regular pharmaceuticals like Zoloft and Xanax. Which create serious addiction problems and harsh unwanted side-effects. On 4 anti-depressants and an anti-psychotic before I started having paranoid delusions. They pulled me off of all the meds cold turkey and then I found CBD oil which was a game-changer.  I was calm, I could sleep and I felt more in control of my life and emotions than ever before.

Cannabis oil is extracted for the hemp or marijuana plant
Which is a cannabis variation that has minimal amounts of THC. An natural molecule can be used for a very wide range of medical problems. Some that include nausea, spasms, seizures, blood pressure, blood sugar, insomnia, psoriasis, chronic pain, anxiety and much more.

Cannabinoid is also totally non mind-altering, which means you’ll have absolutely zero sensations that you’re taking it.  Except for the medical benefits of course.  I say time and time again, that finding the right one is a very individual process.  Some people like me need a CBD/THC combination to combat my depression while other people just need straight oil.  Everyone needs to understand that this is not an exact science and trial and error is truly the only way to find what is best for you.

Let’s explain how exactly CBD affects our bodies.

It attacks anxiety from two sides, and the first of them is that it alters how our brain uses the available serotonin.

The second way CBD affects us is by aiding faster neurogenesis. Which is a part of the brain where memory and emotions are stored and developed.

This completely natural and utterly safe option is definitely something worth considering. Especially when we think about the addictive and harmful pharmaceutical alternatives.

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