CBD Oil for Energy?!?! Who Knew…

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CBD Oil for Energy: Who Knew?

CBD Oil for Energy: Does it Really Work?


The natural benefits of CBD oil really are incredible . Thanks to all of its medicinal properties, more and more people everyday are turning to CBD to help them with a wide range of problems like anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

CBD is extracted from hemp or the cannabis plant. CBD can currently be found on the internet BUT you must trust your source.  Ask your questions and do your research.  

Will CBD Get Me High?

CBD Get Me High

While hemp is closely related to marijuana, they each have very distinct properties. The primary distinction is that hemp has no psychoactive properties that can get users high. This is because hemp contains no detectable amounts of THC, the compound responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering effects. But  a note as well is that even though some CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, it will not get you high either.  There is a misconception that only hemp is a suitable form of CBD which is not the case. Even though CBD also interacts with the nervous system much like THC, its effects are purely therapeutic. Most importantly, CBD does not show on any drug tests so that you can begin a daily CBD regimen without any worries.  The THC that can be found in some CBD oil is there to help boost the healing properties of the CBD. And is beneficial to those with chronic pain or other stubborn ailments where straight CBD is just not quite enough.


Does CBD Give You Energy

Like energy drinks or coffee, small doses of CBD can work as a stimulant by clearing the mind and enhancing concentration levels. However, unlike coffee and energy drinks, there are no side effects or “crash” associated with CBD for energy.

CBD stimulates the brain and rest of the nervous system by calming the mind and the senses. While this may seem counterintuitive for an energy supplement, relaxing the mind can clear any symptoms of stress and anxiety.  two conditions known to trigger fatigue. CBD oil for energy is especially helpful in challenging and stressful situations like those at work or school. I myself, keep CBD oil in my desk at work for those time that I am feeling anxious or need a boost of energy.

How to Use CBD Oil for Energy

Finding the best way to use CBD for energy comes with time. If you have a similar schedule every day, you may find taking CBD at certain times during the day gives you a greater boost of energy. For instance, many users find CBD to a be a helpful stimulant at the start of their day.  While others prefer to take a dose of CBD after lunch to combat the onset of the afternoon slump.  I can’t say enough that taking CBD oil is a very individual process.  The amount I take and when I take it will differ to you or someone else.  It is a trial and error process but keep in mind that more is not always better.  Start low and slow in your dosage and ensure there is consistency of twice a day.  This will ensure that you get the optimal effect of CBD oil.  Trust the process and don’t give up.

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