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It’s likely that you are hearing more and more about CBD oil lately
And if you are like me, when you first heard about CBD oil, you thought: What’s that?  Can it really help me and my depression?  Can it help my husband’s eczema?   Hmmm, that’s pretty interesting.  With a little google searching, you may have uncovered a few “wellness experts” that speak very highly of this all-natural remedy for inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

When you start to dig much deeper, you start to find more and more articles on how CBD can possibly fight the opioid epidemic.  Stop the shakes in a Parkinson’s patients, help with mobility in MS patients, or help children with rare seizure disorders or how it can possibly help with acne, IBS and the list goes on.  All of these claims may be pretty amazing but pretty hard to believe.  I know my husband and I were extremely skeptical at first as well but felt we had nothing to lose by giving CBD oil a try.

The fact that a natural plant compound could work is this way. This really is appealing to so many people who are looking for alternative sources but there is still the question, does it really work?   Personally, I was taking so many anti-depressants that I really couldn’t even “feel” anything anymore.  There had to be a better option and one that was natural was even better!

When I was first starting out investigating CBD oil.
I was shocked at the contradictions even when it came to the basic information like what strength to use and how much to take.  There are so many basic questions that came to mind such as “Is it legal?” “What’s it made from?” “Where do I buy it?”  So many more questions without concrete answers.

Luckily, you found this blog that should provide you with information in order to help with your decision to try CBD oil.  How can you trust the information that I am going to be giving you?  Because like you.  I was searching for answers and an alternative to conventional medicine.  I am writing this blog as part of my journey navigating all the information in an effort to find good quality CBD to help with my anxiety and depression.

So, are you ready to dig a little deeper?  Let’s go, we are in this together.



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